Best Mattress Types


Selecting a good mattress is important as you need to get a good night’s sleep after a long day. A comfortable and smooth mattress plays a great role in relaxing your body and providing peace to your mind. Here we will discuss the best mattress types below. You can also browse through the types by clicking on this link :

Memory Foam Mattress:

This is the most traditional mattress that is used by most of the people. They are the adjustable mattresses that can be used to relief pain. When the person rests on this mattress, it moulds according to their body to provide comfort and support. They isolate motion and provide a cushioning effect so that the sleeper can sleep peacefully on it.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress:

As the name says, a gel is infused in the memory foam to give a more breathable feeling. The gel is absorbed, and it gives a more comfortable feeling. They are more cooler than memory foam and bounce back to their original place after use. They are reasonable in price.

Inner Spring Mattresses:

They are the oldest mattresses that people use. They incorporate spring in them, they are bouncy, and they were among the first foams used by people. After so much advancement in foams, innerspring foam companies also made innerspring variations like Bonnell coil, continuous coil, offset coil and pocketed coil.

Pillow Top Mattresses:

They are basically innerspring foams; they have a thick cushion-like top, which’s why they are called pillow-top mattresses. They are made up of materials like latex and foam. As they are made up of cushioned tops, they provide an ultimate luxurious sleeping experience that feels like sleeping in the sky. One disadvantage of this mattress is that they are very overpriced.

Latex Mattresses:

They are made up of natural latex. Their base layer is dense to provide comfort. They are made up of three latex, Natural latex, synthetic latex and blended latex. They provide a great level of comfort and support.

Hybrid Mattresses:

They have both layers of foam and innersprings that is why they are called hybrid mattresses. They provide a cooling effect as well as they isolate motion. They provide pressure relief, and due to springs’ presence, they have a bouncy effect in them. They have a good cooling effect, which makes them ideal for hot sleepers.

Water Beds:

These beds use water, which is entrapped in the foam with a large wooden frame. They are mostly used for therapeutic purposes. They are very affordable and secure. Water beds are of two types: Soft-side water beds and Hard-side water beds.


Knowing the best mattress type is very important as it helps in choosing the right mattress; not all mattresses are suitable for everyone as a wrong mattress might lead to body aches and pain, and in some cases, it may even lead to muscle spasms. A good mattress provides comfort and supports, so always choose the mattress type according to your body.